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Steganos Security Suite 2007 9.0.3

31 декабря 2006Автор: PcKill | Комментарии: (2) | Раздел: Программы | Просмотров: 4856

Steganos Security Suite 2007 9.0.3

Это пакет утилит с помощью которого можно создавать скрытые зашифрованные диски, записывать секретную информацию на портативные носители, шифровать информацию в мультимедийные файлы типа GIF, JPG, BMP, WAV, кодировать данные, связанные с посещением интернета и так далее. Стандартный пакет Steganos Security Suite включает следующие модули: Steganos Safe, Steganos Portable Safe, E-mail Encription, Steganos File Manager, Internet Trace Destructor, Steganos Shredder.

Steganos Security Suite is a comprehensive and easy-to-use encryption software package. The product provides 128-bit AES encryption and now can encrypt and store up to 256GB of data in the Safe in real time, thus enabling users to securely archive large data and pictures files. It also contains the latest version of Internet Trace Destructor, which destroys 150 different types of PC/Internet traces; a larger Portable Safe for secure data transport; free, automatic product updates; and automatic start-up of applications. Steganos Security Suite continues to feature the File Manager; one-click e-mail encryption; the Steganos Shredder and Deep Cleaning Shredder, which completely eliminate unwanted files, as well as remnants of hard-drive data that previously were deleted by other means; and a multilingual dictionary of more than a half million commonly used words that shouldn't be used as passwords.

** Steganos AntiSpyware. Detects and destroys about 100,000 pest programs like Adware and Spyware. This means you are protected against identity theft.
** Safe – your secure drive. Encrypt an unlimited amount of data. Open your safe with a USB stick or mobile phone.
** Portable Safe RW. Simply take your encrypted data with you: On CD and DVD or even rewriteable on USB sticks. Usable anywhere without additional software – all you need is a password.
** 256 Bit AES in real time. Uncracked. Unrivalled. The world's most progressive encryption algorithim protects your data. So fast that you don't even notice it.
** AntiTheft protection. In case your computer gets stolen, Steganos AntiTheft can provide information that can help you to restore it.
** Private favorites. Your favorite Web sites remain private. The list of favorites is password-protected.
** Password Manager. Encrypts all of your passwords - and enters them automatically if you like.
** Steganography. Hide your sensitive data in images and music.
** E-mail encryption. Creates highly secure self-decrypting e-mails.
** Internet Trace Destructor and Shredder

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